June 1, 2014

Many a praise for that day! 7 Baptisms + Farewells!   And a life saved.   Wait, what life saved? Mine and more importantly possibly some innocent bystanders.

Each morning just before I leave the house, I put on my eye-drops and take 2 little pills for my particular eye condition. This morning was no different and I did the same just before I left for church to take pictures of the people that were to be baptized.

Then things became a blur. I don’t really remember much except for a few faint recollections and those I am not even sure of.   What did I faintly recall? For one, possibly being at a stop light around Coit and Campbell when maybe someone opened the passenger door or knocked on it to grab my attention to tell me the light is green.   (Sure I went to bed at 2am, but I do that often and have never fallen asleep at a light).   After, I sort of remember the sound of scrapping metal.   The next thing I recall better is being given a field sobriety test, following fingers and saying a certain series of numbers backwards and speaking to a police officer. Then I recall being at church shortly thereafter somehow just in time to take pictures of the last person being baptized, Matt. I faintly recall meeting his parents. I faintly recall having lunch with another couple.   Even in the afternoon, I have no idea how badly damaged my car was, but I remember it had to be towed.

I guess for most others, I might have looked like I was awake and conscious, but I am not sure how. Surely I did take the pictures, and they came out fine. But I do not recall very much. It is like I lived it, spoke it, and behaved normally, but it was like there was an eraser, eradicating most of what had happened shortly thereafter.

Much later I can only surmise this nor I do not know this for a fact, that instead of taking my 2 eye pills, I took 2 Ambien tablets which look the same as my eye medication. In this case both are little round white things.   A half tab of Ambien is all I ever need even when I get screwed up with my travels. I can only guess that I took 2 Ambien tablets, 4 times my normal dose and continued my day.   At times it must have knocked me out like when I was at the light. At other times, my brain took over and I did all the things “normally” so to speak and to all seemed like I was fully awake and conscious.

The reason I believe my life was saved is that I could have surely crossed into the intersection at Coit and Campbell, or at any other intersections cross Campbell on the way to church in that state.   I know I wrecked my car for one, though I do not really recall it.   On the other hand, it could have been the effects of a mild concussion where the jarring of the brain from the accident affected my memory.On the other hand it could have been the effects of a mild concussion where the jarring of the brain affects the memory.   On the other hand it could have been the effects of a mild concussion where the jarring of the brain affects the memory.

My life is less important than what God wants for me, what he wants to do with me, or through me.   More sobering is that I could have seriously injured others.

The Ambien is put away in a different location just in case I did take them, so that it is not accessible except for the few times that I do use it. I can figure out my car later.   Praise God that no one else was hurt.   And praise Him for the baptisms, the testimonies and for the life change that can only occur with Him at the helm.   Ambien or no Ambien, He was at the helm for me.

Who is at your helm?