What do you want for Christmas?   What did you get? What did you give? Did you get what you wanted? Today is the day that all these glad tidings are revealed.

As a child, I could not wait till the morning because that is when we got to open our presents.   But we had to wait for our parents to get up, so those were the longest hours. Looking back I remember the memory of being with all my cousins and siblings more than the gifts themselves. What great times under and around the tree.

As an adult, we too have our wishes of what we would like. But now we get to think about what to buy for friends and family.   We try to see what a person likes in order to ascertain the type of gift they like. We go through the Christmas season expressing our wishes and ascertaining the appropriate gifts for others.

A person that writes letters, emails and thank you notes might want a note of affirmation. A person that takes time out to spend time with others might be a person that would appreciate spending some quality time with you. That could come in a meal or an event, or just hanging out together.   A person that gives hugs and displays physical affection might appreciate a heartfelt hug. A person that spends time looking for presents for their friends would probably like a gift.

As Christians, we know that Christmas is much more than presents.   We know it is about the Christ child.   From the humble beginnings in a manger to the ascendant King of Kings, Christmas should center on the birth of Jesus Christ and the appreciation of the purpose of His coming to earth.

In the prophetic words of Isaiah, (Chapter 7:14) and referred to again in Matthew (Chapter 1:23), the baby will be called and referred as Immanuel, “God with us”.   At Christmas, God’s “present” to us is His Son.  He lived amongst us and is with us.

Have you wondered what God might want for Christmas?   What might He like for us to give Him?  What might He value?   What did He give at this season?

He gave us His son with the name “God with us”. His “present” to us is His “presence.” He is with us.  God demonstrated His value by what He gave.  As we consider what God might want for Christmas, we can give back something He values. He values us being with Him.  He truly desires our presence.   He died for our presence to be re-united with Him without sin getting in the way.

May we ponder how we can be more present with our God this season, this day, and more of each moment of each day.

Merry Christmas