Chances are that you might not ever get to Parksville, Canada.  It is located on the south eastern shore of Vancouver Island.   Vancouver Island itself is about a 2 hour ferry ride from Vancouver, BC.   While we were visiting my mother in Vancouver, our family took a short trip over to Vancouver Island to have a few days of quality bonding time.  

Who is at your helm?

June 1, 2014

Many a praise for that day! 7 Baptisms + Farewells!   And a life saved.   Wait, what life saved? Mine and more importantly possibly some innocent bystanders.

Each morning just before I leave the house, I put on my eye-drops and take 2 little pills for my particular eye condition.

What might God want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas?   What did you get? What did you give? Did you get what you wanted? Today is the day that all these glad tidings are revealed.

As a child, I could not wait till the morning because that is when we got to open our presents. 

In New York with Family

So what was the most memorable? Family time with Kristen and. Nathan? A phenomenal vegan meal at Candle 79? A prix fixed dessert course at Patisserie Tomoko? Watching the US Open at Arthur Ashe stadium with matches by #1 seed Serena Williams in the ladies bracket, and Novak Djokovic the men’s #1 seed? A 37 ounce Tomahawk Ribeye at St Anselm in Brooklyn? Coffee at many independent cafés?

Gobble Gobble

Is this the roasted, fried or stuffed version of the winged creature that we speak of? Or is this a description of the way we eat on this food filled day?  Likewise some of us will be gobbling up our share of football.  While others brave the crowds to gobble up the “sales” at the various retail aisles.

Birthday Reflections

LAST YEAR a group of you lead by Amy K, ambushed/surprised me :) totally with a wonderful birthday dinner.   For a person that has not celebrated a birthday in years, it was touching in so many ways. My mother who was here that evening was able to partake in all of your generosity and experience your love. I still look at the pictures.